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Tubestand C


The Tubestand C has been designed to support and move a radiogen assembly (RX tube and diaphragm).

With the stand, it is possible to position the radiogen assembly as so to direct the radiant beam towards receptor devices such as a fixed or elevating and tilting table top bucky table, a stretcher, a wall bucky stand, a cassette changer, etc.

Movements are manual and the mechanically balanced mobile parts are kept in parking position by electromagnetic brakes. For the movements, in-line electromagnetic brakes are used while, for the tube rotation movement on the horizontal arm of support, brakes at permanent magnet are used that assures the braking action even in case of a sudden lack of current.

The equipment is made with aluminium profile special alloy. The equipment can be easily checked in each part so maintenance and inspections to keep its performance, safe use and reliability unchanged in the long run are made easier.

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